When it comes time to give someone you care about a gift you might want to consider old coins or rare paper money. The reasons to give the gift of old coinage are many. Over the years I have heard many interesting stories about some ones experience as the giver or receiver of an old coin. Most of these stories proved to be generational as to how the gift influenced some one’s life. A simple gift of an old coin can spark an interest of history in a youth that could last a life time, or may be excite an artistic aspiration that grows into a career. Sometimes the gift of old coins grows into a lifetime hobby. The hobby could evolve into a passion or grow into a future business opportunity. Others have received an old silver dollar that they carry every day for the rest of their life as a symbol of good luck. I love hearing the stories where someone cashed in the old coins they were gifted throughout the years from several family members to allow them to pay for their college tuition. The stories that every time they look at their gifted coins they can still see and remember the givers smile or laugh. Then there is my story about how my grandfather sparked my interest in old coins as a boy and how it grew over the decades into Crown Jewel Coins and Currencies. I know from personal experience that a gift of this nature will often touch a person’s life in ways most gifts could never imagine. So the next time you are shopping for a birthday, Christmas, graduation, employee, friendship or thank you gift remember the gift that will last a life time.